Party wall surveyor services

Administering the provisions of the Party Wall etc Act 1996 (the Act) acting on behalf of residential, commercial and public sector owners of properties in and around the London.

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996

The Act provides a framework for preventing or resolving disputes in relation to party walls, party structures, boundary walls and excavations near neighbouring buildings. Anyone intending to carry out work (anywhere in England and Wales) of the kinds described in the Act must give Adjoining Owners notice of their intentions.

You must tell your neighbour if you want to:

  • build on or at the boundary of your 2 properties
  • work on an existing party wall or party structure
  • dig below and near to the foundation level of their property

Examples of this type of work include:

  • building a new wall
  • cutting into a party wall
  • making a party wall taller, shorter or deeper
  • removing chimneys from a party wall
  • knocking down and rebuilding a party wall

You do not need to tell your neighbour about minor changes; plastering, adding or replacing electrical wiring or sockets, or drilling to put up shelves or cabinets.

An explanatory booklet providing further detailed information detailed information in respect of the Act can be found by following this link:

Party Wall Surveyor Services

On behalf of building owners & developers

Advice at the pre-construction phase is offered on aspects of the design which may affect neighbouring properties in relation to the procedures of The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 (the Act), specific design information required and any need to obtain licences for access onto neighbouring land.

Working closely with building owners and their design teams and agreeing awards as required to ensure there are no delays to works programmes as a consequence of following the procedures of the Act. Regular progress reports are provided as required.

On behalf of adjoining owners

Where works are to be undertaken to a neighbouring property or land, the interests of adjoining owners are protected through reviewing the design of the proposed works and how it is to be carried out to minimise inconvenience and any risk to their property .

Schedules of condition of neighbouring properties are carried out before the relevant works commence so that any damage caused by the works can be identified and repairs undertaken, or costs paid to the adjoining owner.

Advice on compensation that can be expected for inconvenience caused by the works and negotiate access licences is provided.

The Approach

  • Protect the interests of appointing owners whilst maintaining a fair and impartial approach.
  • Establish early dialogue with adjoining owners and occupiers to minimise disputes.
  • Provide advice to design teams at an early stage to minimise costs and redesign.
  • Ensure the timely service of notices to ensure there are no unforeseen delays to the proposed works.
  • Identify issues which may affect the satisfactory completion of the works or the way in which it is executed and make appropriate provisions within awards.
  • Act with openness and integrity at all times.

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